Sunday, August 13, 2006

Seafood Platter

Thanks to Kak Teh's suggestion on rebranding my recipe, here is a seafood platter recipe. With the help of Kak Mutiara for the batter and suggestion by Bergen for the use of Eno to make it crispy and Honeytar for the Fish and Chip recipe.

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A. Recipe for the batter

3/4 cup flour (all purpose)
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon baking soda (I use Eno to replace the baking soda, it works just the same)
1/4 cup cornstarch or corn flour
1/4 cup ice water.

B. Fish Fillet

Use Dory fish fillet (Usually can be found in Supermarket)
Clean the fish with water
Dry the fish
Saute with salt and pepper

Frying the the fish

1. Heat oil in the sauce pan/kuali
2. Dip the fish fillet into the batter and deep fry the fish
3. When the fish turn golden brown take it out from the oil and serve on the plate.

C. Other seafood

You can use squid, prawns and crabstick to be part of the platter.
Saute the cleaned seafood with salt and pepper.
Dip them into the batter and deep fry them similar to frying the fish fillet.
Careful when frying squid though as it tend to "explode" in the hot oil.

D. Onion ring

I experimented with this last week and find it to be tasty.

Cut the onion ( bawang besar) into rings.
Make the same batter as above but make it thicker by putting less water.
Dip the onion into the batter and deep fry the onion.
When golden brown take them out of the oil.
You will have a very crispy onion ring.

E. Tomatoes with cheese (used to eat this at an Italian restaurant in KL)

I don't eat raw tomatoes but make into this simple dish I will eat them.

If you have a medium or big size tomatoes, slice them into about 1 inch thick
If the fruit is small just cut into half.
Spread some cheese on the cut surfaces of the tomatoes
Sprinkle some spaghetti herbs (oregano, basil etc from the bottles)
You can bake the tomatoes for 1 min in a toaster oven, to melt the cheese
Or you can also just do without baking.
Take out the tomatoes, pour some olive oil on them

F. Cheesy or non-cheesy wedges

We love potatoes. So there is always a kilo or two at home.

Skin the potatoes
Cut into half
Then cut them into wedges (Cut into 3 on each half)
Saute with salt and pepper.
You can deep into the batter (optional)
Fry the wedges until it is cooked
You can also bake the in the oven (sorry I have no temperature and time for you because I fry them)

To make cheesy wedges, place some cheese onto the hot wedges.
You can melt the cheese a bit by putting them into the oven toaster for a few seconds

G. Simple salad

To balance up the above platter cut some letchuce and pour some mayonnaise on the letchuce.

Put everything in a plate for serving.

Happy trying.

It's cheaper for me a family of six (almost all adult) to make this at home. It would cost me more than RM10 for a seafood platter like this in a restaurant, I think.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fried Mushroom

Can you turn this mushroom.

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To something like this?

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It's very simple actually. Here's how.


White / Grey Oyster Mushroom
Salt and Pepper for seasoning
Multi-purpose seasoning flour ( I usually use Agromas or Nona Brand - the one with sesamy seeds)
Oil for frying

How to ?

1. Wash the oyster mushroom. If they are big, shred into smaller pieces. Season with salt and pepper.

2. Break the egg into a bowl, add some salt into the egg and mix the white with the yolk.

3. take some mushroom and dip them in them into the bowl containing the egg.
4. In another bowl, pour out the multi-purpose seasoning flour.

5. Take out the mushroom from the egg bowl and place them into the flour. Make sure the flour are covering the mushroom well

6. Deep fry mushroom in hot oil.

7. When they are golden brown toss the mushroom from the oil.

8. Serve with chilli sause.

Try and see. It is simple and nice.