Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Simply Fried Chicken

One of the easiest way to get children to eat their food would be to serve fried chicken. Perhaps that is why KFC is doing so well all over the world. Almost every week, I would also buy fried chicken from the pasar malam. Below are a few ways of frying chicken.

1. The simplest fried chicken


Chicken cutlets (you can ask the butcher or the seller to cut 1 whole chicken into 12 or 16 pieces)
Or even buy chicken legs or wings etc from the hypermart.
Tumeric powder
Cooking Oil

How to

1. Wash rhe chicken and toss to dry.
2. Season with salt and tumeric powder
3. Leave it to marinate for a short while (10 minutes or so)
4. Heat enough oil in a frying pan (usually deep fry so quite a lot of oil is required)
5. When the oil is hot place the chicken into the oil.
6. Slow down the heat to medium or low to prevent only the outside of the chicken is cooked.
7. when the chicken turned golden brown, take the chicken out of the pan
8. Serve the chicken with chilli sauce or ketchup.

2. Hot and Spicy Fried Chicken

1. Chicken cutlets (like above)
2. Salt, pepper and tumeric porder for seasoning
3. Chilli powder (optional)
4. Multi-purpose seasoning flour (I usually use Nona, Adabi or AgroMas brands)
You can buy them from the supermarket/hypermarket easily.
5. Eggs.
6. Cooiking oil for frying.

How to

1. Clean the chicken and toss to dry.
2. Season with the salt, pepper, tumeric powder.
3. Add chilli powder to the seasoning flour if you like, place the mixture in a seperate bowl.
4. Break an egg into a bowl and stir the eggs to mix the yellow and the white egg.
5. Dip the chicken cutlet into the egg and the sprinkle the multipurpose flour onto the chicken. Or you can place the chicken into the seasoning flour bowl and make sure the whole cutlet is covered with the flour.
6. Heat the oil in the pan and fry the chicken untill cooked.
7.Serve hot with sauces.