Thursday, July 21, 2005

Uncle Z's Omelette

I called it by that name is because this is the way my hubby likes his omelette. I hope no one going to tell me that making omelette is so easy why need to blog about it. Let just say, it is for those who haven't got any experience in the kitchen can try something new.


3 eggs
1 onion
2 stalked spring anions
1 red chilly
a pitch of tumeric powder
a pitch of salt
1/2 tomato
mix veggies (optional)
parmesan cheese (powdered)
white pepper powder
Cooking oil

How to make the omelette?

1. Beat eggs in a bowl with a pinch of salt and tumeric powder. Beat until almost pluffy.
2. Cut all the veggitables (spring anions, anions, tomatoes, red-chilly) in small cubes
3. Place the cut veggies into the eggs and mix well.
4. Heat cooking oil in the wok, make sure the oil is hot before you pour in the egg mixture.
5. Once you have pour in the egg mixture into the hot oil, lower you stove to very low fire. Otherwise you will have the omelette which is cooked on the outside but still un cooked on the inside.
6. Sprinkle the cheese and white pepper powder on the omelette and leave it to cook.
7. When one side is slightly brown, overturn the omelette. Leave it to cook well.
8. Once the omelette is cooked on both sides, stick a fork into the omelette to ensure the inside is also cooked.
9. Serve the omelette with rice or bread.


Blogger Elf said...

Wah, cara baru nih, boleh terai

10:45 am  
Blogger AuntyN said...

Terai elf, jangan tak terai. :-)

12:33 am  
Anonymous stuttgart said...

letak le gambar omelettenya , mokcik

8:32 pm  

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